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Yarn Along: Adama

Joining Ginny for the Yarn Along.

The Adama Cowl is finished and I have to say, I LOVED this pattern. With the Luna Grey yarn, it was absolutely heavenly to knit and the result is just gorgeous, as well as scrumptiously soft and cozy warm. Definitely a favorite. Ravelry notes here.

The girls have been enjoying their Christmas handknits, too. Ani loves her sweater and not only says so often, but readily grabs it to wear whenever chilled in the house. High praise from my über-sensitive girl.


Aria loves her Milo, too. It turned out a bit big but with her insane growth spurts, I’m OK with that. The extra room will hopefully mean it’ll last a while.


Schools are closed today. We are covered in ice here, so spending the day drinking cocoa, watching movies, and doing science experiments. The girls discovered the phone this morning, so are taking turns calling us and pretty much everyone they know. It’s pretty cute.


Yarn Along: Holiday Knitting

Joining Ginny for the Yarn Along.

The Christmas crafting was light this year and even then, I couldn’t manage to get it done in time. Thankfully, my family is patient and understanding (in this area, at least).


The big girls’ knits are done, but for blocking. I put the finishing touches on Ani’s Miss Rainbow a couple days before Christmas and, after a blessed day filled with lots of dedicated knitting time, wove in the ends on Aria’s latest Milo a couple nights after. They both knew they were coming (there is no secret knitting in this house at the moment, nothing would ever get finished) and are thrilled with them and can’t wait to wear them, which makes this crafty mama very happy.


Next up is my own mama’s Christmas present, an Adama cowl knit up in Luna Grey Supernova. Thankfully, I have until her visit later this week to finish it up. Or at least that’s what I thought until last night, when I realized that later this week is actually tonight. I would be worried, but I’m making quick progress, so far, and hope to continue the trend in the next few days. As long as it’s done by the time she leaves, I think we’ll both be happy. I’m completely head-over-heels in love with how this is knitting up – the yarn is devine and the pattern is fun, so working on it will be a treat. Those lace sections do take some concentration, though, so it’s not a project I’ll likely make much progress on during daylight kid time. Keith is off much of this week, though, and has been great about giving this tired mama some breaks, so I’m hopeful I’ll get some good knitting time in. He gets it, he does (got me knitting gear for Christmas from my favorite yarn store!), supports my craft and recognizes that some alone time for knitting (or whatever…as long as it’s at least mildly pleasant) = recharging mama, which is valuable to all in the long run.


Yarn Along – Ravellenic Wrap Up

Joining Ginny for the Yarn Along:

The Ravellenic Games ended Sunday, in conjunction with this year’s summer Olympics. I only entered two events this year, choosing to  focus on overall time spent knitting rather than on numbers of finished objects, and I completed both of my knitting events well ahead of the closing ceremonies.


Ani got her Milo. I tried to convince her to let me put elephants or owls on hers but she wanted flowers like her sister. She’s very big into imitating Aria right now and this was no exception. I had to promise Aria that next time she would get her own design, though, as the feeling of flattery that comes from being imitated doesn’t always outweigh the desire to be unique. Ravelry notes here.

The second piece I knitted for the Games was this little hat, which will soon be gifted to a brand new wee one. Ravelry notes here.

I enjoyed the Ravellenic Games this time around. It pushed me to get a couple pieces done in a relatively short amount of time and to make good use of the (copious amounts of) time I spent watching the Olympics. Giving myself fairly easy projects allowed me the freedom to work on them during the day while watching the girls and at night while watching the Olympics and sometimes while doing both, thereby completing my challenge to myself to spend more time knitting. We typically have a low-to-no-TV rule in our house for the girls but this was eased somewhat during the Olympics, particularly if the daytime broadcast (bedtime was NOT extended for the Games) was focused on a team of strong women. I think it’s important for my girls, Aria in particular right now, to see women using their bodies in ways that portray physical strength and power, rather than focus on beauty and perfect size as so many other images do. She’s made comments lately about certain things only being for girls or boys and I liked that she was seeing these women athletes in scenarios she doesn’t often see women in, powerful and strong in ways women on the billboards and magazines in the grocery store aisles never seem to be portrayed; I appreciated the conversation starter, the chance to point out these abilities in the female athletes to my girl. My favorite sport to watch these games was beach volleyball – where the women jump and dive and spike the balls hard onto the sand. Aria really got into the beach volleyball too, but was also very interested in swimming and women’s water polo and really, any sport with women participating (she really liked rooting for US teams, in particular); she wasn’t very interested in the men’s teams.

It was apparently the year for women in the Olympics, with women representing all countries participating for the first time, including the first Saudi Arabian woman participating and US women medaling more overall – and earning more Gold medals – than men. That’s something to be proud of, for sure.

On a completely different note, I finished and loved The Help and am anxious to get to the library this week to re-check out Growing a Farmer. I’m also on the hunt for another good audiobook. Any recommendations?



Yarn Along – Aria’s Milo

I’m joining Ginny this week for the Yarn Along.


Last week I whipped up this vest for Aria. I got a gift certificate to Stitch DC for my birthday and just before our trip to visit my mom bought enough Spud & Chloë Sweater to make each of the girls a Milo. I’ve wanted to make one for each of the girls for a while, thinking the thick, cozy vests would be great for layering during cooler weather. Once Ani’s Tiny Tea was done (minus the buttons, which I’d not yet found), I immediately cast on for Aria’s Milo (alternating to keep things fair) and found I could hardly put it down, so eager was I to see the final results. Hers includes my first attempt at fair isle – a ring of flowers around the bottom of the vest, created using this chart – which I’m pretty happy with. The vest looks awesome on her, with (very) bright colors and a near-perfect fit that is just loose enough to allow for a shirt underneath and just long enough to still fit after a growth spurt or two. Hopefully.

Aria loves it and is so excited to wear it I’m having a hard time convincing her to wait until the temps fall a bit before wearing it.


Ravelry notes here.

I’m currently listening to The Help through Audible. I’m not very far into it but really enjoying it so far. It’s a well-done production with different narrators for each part that really bring each character to life. I never finished Growing a Farmer, though I want to; I got almost halfway through the book and it was (over)due to the library and I’d run out of renewals. I’m hoping to check it out again next week.