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Yarn Along – The End of the Rainbows




Well, after about a year and a half of working on Aurelia’s baby blanket whenever I had a chance, I have finally finished it, just in time for the cold weather.

This is the first baby blanket I’ve ever knit and I love how it turned out. It’s very simple – just garter stitch – but the colors are vivid and lovely. It also has a huge amount of sentimental value. As I’ve mentioned before, the girls called our littlest A “Rainbow” before she was born and with all the challenges we have been through with Aurelia since her birth, the rainbow has become an important symbol for us. So, a lot of love and care and concern was poured into this blanket as we fought for her to get healthier after her birth and waited for and then began to process her diagnosis. She’s sat in my lap watching me knit, played with the yarn, and poked her tiny fingers through the stitches. Now it will keep her warm on cozy on those fall walks, cold winter days and hopefully for years to come.

She’ll no doubt outgrow her Rainbow of Tulips sweater long before that, but I’m hoping she’ll at least be able to wear it through next spring and maybe even next winter. It’s adorable and matches the blanket beautifully (even though some of the colors are a bit different).

Now for my matching rainbow cowl and Ani’s rainbow sweater…It may be a bit of an obsession.



Yarn Along: Growing Tulips

Joining Ginny for the Yarn Along.

20140226-100832.jpgWell, I didn’t quite finish my Ravellenic Games project in time to medal. The Rainbow of Tulips sweater I’m knitting for Aurelia is still in need of its borders and sleeves. I did get more knitting time in than I’d managed to for quite a while, though, and I made good progress on a project I’m really enjoying, both of which were my real goals. This year, I’m happy just to have participated.


Yarn Along: A Change of Pace

Joining Ginny for the Yarn Along.

20140211-162727.jpgIt took a good deal of perseverance to get through this last project; I just was not motivated. My head was filled with visions of the many other projects for which I wanted to cast on, but I did it and I am pretty pleased with the result. The soaker turned out a bit big so I felted it down and love how the the wool bloomed – it’s soft and cozy and very pretty. Next I’ll block the hat and then hopefully the mama I’m swapping with will get a lot of good out of the set in her photography work. Ravelry notes here (diaper cover) and here (hat).


After that was done, I was finally able to switch up the knitting and I’m now feeling much more inspired. I cranked out these sweet, super fast washcloths for the girls for Valentine’s Day and started a rainbow Tulip Sweater for Aurelia, my Ravellenic Games project, one that will not only match her blanket but that also shows solidarity for those discriminated against by the host country of the Olympic Games.

Once I’m done with that or at times where I need mindless knitting, I’m going to work heavily on the blanket. One year will be here before we know it and I very much want it done by then.