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Yarn Along: Holiday Knitting

Joining Ginny for the Yarn Along.

The Christmas crafting was light this year and even then, I couldn’t manage to get it done in time. Thankfully, my family is patient and understanding (in this area, at least).


The big girls’ knits are done, but for blocking. I put the finishing touches on Ani’s Miss Rainbow a couple days before Christmas and, after a blessed day filled with lots of dedicated knitting time, wove in the ends on Aria’s latest Milo a couple nights after. They both knew they were coming (there is no secret knitting in this house at the moment, nothing would ever get finished) and are thrilled with them and can’t wait to wear them, which makes this crafty mama very happy.


Next up is my own mama’s Christmas present, an Adama cowl knit up in Luna Grey Supernova. Thankfully, I have until her visit later this week to finish it up. Or at least that’s what I thought until last night, when I realized that later this week is actually tonight. I would be worried, but I’m making quick progress, so far, and hope to continue the trend in the next few days. As long as it’s done by the time she leaves, I think we’ll both be happy. I’m completely head-over-heels in love with how this is knitting up – the yarn is devine and the pattern is fun, so working on it will be a treat. Those lace sections do take some concentration, though, so it’s not a project I’ll likely make much progress on during daylight kid time. Keith is off much of this week, though, and has been great about giving this tired mama some breaks, so I’m hopeful I’ll get some good knitting time in. He gets it, he does (got me knitting gear for Christmas from my favorite yarn store!), supports my craft and recognizes that some alone time for knitting (or whatever…as long as it’s at least mildly pleasant) = recharging mama, which is valuable to all in the long run.


Yarn Along – The End of the Rainbows




Well, after about a year and a half of working on Aurelia’s baby blanket whenever I had a chance, I have finally finished it, just in time for the cold weather.

This is the first baby blanket I’ve ever knit and I love how it turned out. It’s very simple – just garter stitch – but the colors are vivid and lovely. It also has a huge amount of sentimental value. As I’ve mentioned before, the girls called our littlest A “Rainbow” before she was born and with all the challenges we have been through with Aurelia since her birth, the rainbow has become an important symbol for us. So, a lot of love and care and concern was poured into this blanket as we fought for her to get healthier after her birth and waited for and then began to process her diagnosis. She’s sat in my lap watching me knit, played with the yarn, and poked her tiny fingers through the stitches. Now it will keep her warm on cozy on those fall walks, cold winter days and hopefully for years to come.

She’ll no doubt outgrow her Rainbow of Tulips sweater long before that, but I’m hoping she’ll at least be able to wear it through next spring and maybe even next winter. It’s adorable and matches the blanket beautifully (even though some of the colors are a bit different).

Now for my matching rainbow cowl and Ani’s rainbow sweater…It may be a bit of an obsession.



One Triumphant Year

I wrote this for Aurelia’s birthday and never published it! Here’s the story of our littlest A’s first year.


Our littlest A turns one year old today (June 13th, 2014). What a year it’s been! I feel so grateful to have gotten to this point, so thankful and full of love for Aurelia.

I haven’t yet posted her birth story (someday…), but Aurelia was born with some challenges, challenges the ultrasounds and exams never picked up on, challenges that still haven’t been fully explained. She’s scared us more than once – with tachypnea that lasted months, reflux that caused severe choking, a cephalohematoma at birth, significant acrocyanosis that turned her extremities eggplant purple (yes, really) – but through it all she’s fought and continued to grow stronger.

At a year out, she’s still fighting, fighting low tone and developmental delays, fighting GI and vision problems. She excels at breastfeeding but until recently would violently choke with a bottle or even the tiniest syringe. She’s working hard with a therapist to learn to eat solids (and defies expectations when she gobbles up highly flavored, highly textured foods like cilantro-lime hummus) and another to gain strength and control in her arms and legs and core. Simultaneously, she adds new signs and words to her repertoire almost weekly. She stumps the doctors, who continue to look for an explanation.

Our girl is a mystery. Her challenges don’t define her, though, as there are so many successes. She’s such a love, cuddly and sweet and affectionate. She loves her sisters, watching and playing with them, cracking up when they intentionally fall or flip their hair around or just act silly around her and yelling when they turn away until she regains their attention. She shakes with excitement when Daddy comes home from a trip. She gives us open-mouthed kisses, pulling our faces toward her. She gets jealous when one of the big girls is in my lap and anxious when in the arms of anyone but Mama and Daddy. Her smile lights up the room and the little dimple that comes with it fills the heart with laughter. When she’s sleepy she curls into my arms and chest; she never sleeps better than when in my arms or by my side. Her favorite sign is “milk.” She loves patty cake.

Aurelia has brought such joy into our lives and I’m so thankful to be her mama. This family was always waiting for her.

Happy Birthday, Rainbow Girl. We love you so.

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{these moments: trying avocado}

From SouleMama: {this moment} – A Friday ritual…A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember.

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Aurelia hasn’t been that interested in food up to this point. After she began staring intently at and grabbing whatever we were eating this week, I decided to try giving her some avocado. It’s a good first food and was Ani’s first and one Aria liked early on. This was our second time trying it with Aurelia, but last time she wasn’t interested at all, in the food or even the process of eating. This time she opened her mouth for the spoon, moved the food around in her mouth and even swallowed a bit. After a couple bites, though, the novelty of doing something new seemed to wear off as she realized she was eating something new and her expression went from this:


To this:


To this (complete with shudder):


I think we’ll move on to squash.


Yarn Along: Growing Tulips

Joining Ginny for the Yarn Along.

20140226-100832.jpgWell, I didn’t quite finish my Ravellenic Games project in time to medal. The Rainbow of Tulips sweater I’m knitting for Aurelia is still in need of its borders and sleeves. I did get more knitting time in than I’d managed to for quite a while, though, and I made good progress on a project I’m really enjoying, both of which were my real goals. This year, I’m happy just to have participated.