{these moments: trying avocado}

From SouleMama: {this moment} – A Friday ritual…A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember.

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Aurelia hasn’t been that interested in food up to this point. After she began staring intently at and grabbing whatever we were eating this week, I decided to try giving her some avocado. It’s a good first food and was Ani’s first and one Aria liked early on. This was our second time trying it with Aurelia, but last time she wasn’t interested at all, in the food or even the process of eating. This time she opened her mouth for the spoon, moved the food around in her mouth and even swallowed a bit. After a couple bites, though, the novelty of doing something new seemed to wear off as she realized she was eating something new and her expression went from this:


To this:


To this (complete with shudder):


I think we’ll move on to squash.


One thought on “{these moments: trying avocado}

  1. Just popped in here to say hello after you left a link on my giveaway….. and I had to tell you that I *love* your daughter’s name! My great grandmother’s name was Aurelia and I have never heard anyone else to have that name until now. I never met her, but my grandmother always told me stories about what a beautiful loving person she was. So I smiled when I read your daughter’s name 🙂

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