Aurelia at Six Months & the Winter Solstice (Holiday Blog Hop #8)











Our littlest girl, Aurelia Mae, is six months today and getting so big, so fast. Our chubbiest baby yet, she’s growing out of clothes left and right, leaving those adorable tiny baby sizes behind all too soon.

She’s smiley and full of cuddles and sleeps best in Mama’s arms, which Mama tries to savor. Soon, too soon, that won’t be the case.

She’s learning to grasp and to put toys in her mouth, pushing up a bit on her belly and rolling to her side and sometimes onto her tummy. She’s close to sitting up and is doing lots of baby crunches to strengthen those belly muscles.

Aurelia is quiet, only fussy in the evenings near bedtime or if uncomfortable. She has a beautiful laugh and eyes that sparkle.

She is still a bit of a puzzle as her breathing continues to get fast at times, but mostly she seems to be catching up and growing well, stronger every day.

A perfect addition to our family, this little one. I can hardly remember a time without our little Rainbow. She’s so very loved.



Today’s Holiday Blog Hop post is found Waldorf Inspired Learning. Be sure to hop on over for a great post on the Winter Solstice.

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