Yarn Along: Hats and a Gingerbread Recipe (Holiday Blog Hop #7)


I finally did it. I started a hat. I’m using bulky yarn and a simple pattern. It’s been mere days and I’m almost done, despite being allotted only a handful of knitting minutes the past week or two. It’s a great feeling.

Today is also the next post in the Holiday Blog Hop . Li’l Footprints has a fun and delicious gingerbread cookie recipe that I can’t wait to try. Be sure to stop by and try it out!

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2 thoughts on “Yarn Along: Hats and a Gingerbread Recipe (Holiday Blog Hop #7)

  1. I learned how to knit with circular needles this summer, but haven’t done anything yet. Are you following a certain pattern for this hat? I would love any tips and advice as I am a total knitting novice, but I would love to make a hat.

    1. I’m using the Earflap Hat pattern, which is a top down pattern. I like it, but if you are a beginner I would start with a bottom up pattern. My favorite is the Kim’s Hats pattern in Last Minute Knitted Gifts; it has lots of adaptations included – earflaps or not, different brims.

      If you don’t have access to the book, this free pattern from Purl Soho is similar to that basic pattern and also a simple one to start with: http://www.purlbee.com/the-purl-bee/2012/11/23/whits-knits-super-soft-merino-hats-for-everyone.html

      Here’s the Earflap Hat pattern: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/37-earflap-hats

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