Yarn Along: Booties for a Chunky Babe

Joining Ginny for the Yarn Along.

Aurelia is my chunkiest baby to date. Aria has always been long and thin. Ani started out slightly heavier and curvier but was not really chubby. Aurelia, though, has rolls of squishy baby chub on her legs, around her ankles and wrists; her cheeks rival Ani’s at the same age and pour over into her chin. Her feet are little, compared to her biggest sister’s long, skinny baby feet, but because of her thick legs, she can’t wear socks that fit her feet as the elastic at the top cuts off her circulation. Socks without elastic fall off. With the cold temps upon us and bare feet not an option, we’ve resorted to thick 12-24 month socks with elastic at the top so they’ll fit over the chub all the way to her knees; they stay on but are pretty baggy on her feet.

With my grandma’s recent good-hearted admonition to keep my baby’s feet warm still ringing in my ears, I set out to find a pattern for baby booties that will stay on and comfortably fit Aurelia’s little, chubby feet and still be loose enough at the top to allow the blood to keep flowing through her legs. I’ve long wanted to knit a pair of booties to match her Little Heaume so cast on with the same scrumptious yarn for a pair of Bitty Booties. After a false start in which I realized the 6-12 month size would dwarf her itty-bitty feet, I got going on the 3-6 month size. I’ve only just begun, but I have high hopes for these little guys gals. If they turn out as cute as they look in the pics AND stay on, I could see these becoming a great go-to pattern for both my growing girl and any future babes born to friends or family.

Do you have a favorite stay-on bootie pattern? I’d love more suggestions, so feel free to link in the comments!


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