Yarn Along: Just Keep Knitting

Joining Ginny for the Yarn Along.


I am on the Yellow stripe in the Rainbow Blanket I’m making for Aurelia’s first Christmas. I’d been making pretty good progress, but something happened and the past few days I have lost my knitting mojo. It’s not that I don’t want to knit – I do – but I have a bad case of wanting to knit ALL THE THINGS and not knowing which way to turn. (It doesn’t help that the littles and I haven’t slept well the past few nights; mama brain, in my experience, does not help with decisiveness.) My problem is that I’m feeling torn between keeping this going – which I need to do if it’s to be done in time – and starting a new project (or ten) – which I need to do if my littles are going to have enough woolens to keep them warm throughout the winter. I’m usually a one-project-at-a-time knitter but now that it’s finally and quickly cooling off, have felt pulled to dress my littles in layers of cozy handknits only to discover how few they have that fit or are heavy enough for the colder temps. Aurelia has already outgrown – or is on the verge of outgrowing – most of the items I’d knit for her and the big girls are a bit too heavy on the lightweight/short-sleeved knits when it’s fast becoming heavyweight weather (especially if we want to keep our heater off a while longer). I’m not sure we had a lightweight season; three weeks ago it was in the 90s, today it’s in the 50s and they are projecting lows in the 30s for the next several nights. Long-sleeved sweater weather it is.

I’m just going to dive in. Baby sweaters knit up fast. Then, for Ani’s quickly approaching birthday, I’ll knit the blue hat she’s requested; I’m thinking I’ll embroider either a flamingo or a unicorn onto it, as she’s a bit obsessed with both at the moment. That should go quickly as well. I’ll sneak in a row or two on the blanket between projects to keep it moving and if I just keep knitting, I should have some finished objects by next week. In the meantime, I’m going to pull out all those scarves and hats and sweaters that are still in good shape, give them a bath and throw them onto whichever little ones they fit onto (and pull one or two onto myself, as well). We’ll be cozier in no time.


2 thoughts on “Yarn Along: Just Keep Knitting

  1. Definitely dive in and knit the hats. They knit up SO QUICK and are so rewarding since they can be worn nearly every day. The blanket grows more beautiful. Love it!

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