Yarn Along: Progress

Joining Ginny for the Yarn Along.

Slow progress is being made on Aurelia’s Rainbow Blanket, but it’s progress nonetheless. I’m on the second stripe, the “O” in the “ROYGBIV” acronym, about 22 garter ridges in. Each of those ridges represents two rows knit, and each row completed represents several whole minutes where my hands were free to do something other than hold, dress, change, wash, or otherwise assist a little one; moments I was not drawing or writing on a chalkboard or in a notebook, where I was not pushing a stroller, driving to dance or co-op or the grocery store; moments where all my hands were compelled to do was hold some soft, cushy, gorgeously dyed wool and wrap it around a couple of needles. So, though it looks like just a very tiny bit of progress, it’s actually much, much more.



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