Yarn Along: Aurelia Models Vanilla

Joining Ginny for the Yarn Along.


As a lover of cloth diapers, I have long been fascinated by wool covers, fascinated but slightly intimidated. While pregnant I knit a wool cover, but haven’t wanted to use it because 1) it’s been about 150 degrees and 200% humidity and the thought of even touching a warm, thick fiber made me want to pass out; 2) I wasn’t sure the wool I used was soft enough for new baby skin; and 3) I wasn’t sure it was properly lanolized. As the weather cools just a bit, however, I find myself drawn to hand knits, this included, so one day last week I finally tried it. Good thing I did, because she’s almost outgrown it! What I discovered, though, besides the fact that my cover does in fact need a bit more lanolizing (oops!) is that I LOVE wool covers. Soft and cozy, yet durable and breathable, this cover held in (the majority of) the moisture while wrapping my baby in lovely natural fibers knit up by her mama. It did all this while being super-duper adorable and much softer than I remembered. I think more wool covers are definitely in our future…if I can find the time to knit them.

Ravelry notes here.








2 thoughts on “Yarn Along: Aurelia Models Vanilla

  1. Hello! Followed your link here from Yarn Along. Your sweet baby’s smile just lights up the world. 🙂

    I felt the same way about wool covers at first (and still try to use the softest wool possible) but I now use them all the time. Even in summer. Because the wool is breathable it is actually cooler than waterproof PUL covers… and WAY cooler than your average disposable (which are like ovens in the summer – poor babies!) I learned this by sticking my fingers in the diaper after my baby had been wearing it outside for a while. His skin was coolest in the wool. 🙂 So never fear! Wool in summer is awesome!

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