Yarn Along: Aurelia in a Wee Dress

Joining Ginny for the Yarn Along.

This week, for the first time since Aurelia was born, I thought that knitting might be an actual possibility. She’s been sleeping a bit longer and I’ve found myself with moments where I’ve been able to put her down and no one else has an immediate need. Then, just as I start to reach for my knitting bag, the moment passes. So, while I do think some knitting time is not too far into my future, it hasn’t happened quite yet. This week, I give you another modeling session with my wee one, this time in her Wee Dress. Ravelry notes here.




6 thoughts on “Yarn Along: Aurelia in a Wee Dress

  1. oh how precious! As I keep telling my daughter in law who is a first time mama with a one month old, you will miss these days! They go by so very fast. The nice thing about knitting is that it is always there… blessings, ~Lisa

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