In Our Garden

A couple weeks ago we moved into a new-to-us old house in Richmond, VA. We love it. It has loads of character, lovely wood floors and a gorgeously landscaped garden and it’s in a walkable area of town with lots of trees and greenery. (I know what you are thinking – move? with a newborn? Why, yes! Because, why not get all the big changes over with at the same time? Makes things easier in the long run, right? Or maybe we are just a bit nuts. Yeah…that seems more likely.)

Novice gardeners that we are, we can’t name many of the plants in the yard, but we do enjoy them mightily and love being continually and pleasantly surprised by what is blooming around us. Eventually we’d like to put our own touches on the garden – a fruit tree or two? a patch dedicated to plant dyes? lots of herbs are a given, but what veggies? can we have a beehive in Richmond? and how will we manage the pests naturally? For now, though, we are getting used to the basics. Like, how often do we need to mow (bought our first ever lawn mower today) and where do we find those tiki torches to stave off the extremely plentiful mosquitoes?

So, here’s a pretty, yet uninformative view of what’s growing this week. Any and all tips and tidbits welcome!



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