Long Overdue Easter & Handknit Update


For the second year in a row, we visited Ticonderoga Farms for the Easter Egg Roll. We typically visit in the fall, too, as they have a great pumpkin patch and we always have a blast. This time was no exception. Keith and the girls both went down the huge slides and on the big bouncy balloon, and we all got to enjoy walking (or waddling, as the case may be) around the farm and seeing the animals.




Aria wore her Easter shirt. Ani’s shirt was still in production until late that night so she wore hers Easter Sunday. Though the two tops came out pretty differently, I really like them both. If I had it to do again I would alter Aria’s shirt a bit so that the sleeves wouldn’t roll so much and add about an inch, but when I mentioned doing this after I’d given it to her she said she likes it the way it is and that the sleeves make her feel like a princess. Can’t really argue with that, so I’m officially calling it done. Ravelry notes here.


I was pleasantly surprised with how Ani’s turned out; the cotton knitted up very well, was really a pleasure to work with and it looks great on her. Most importantly, it doesn’t aggravate her sensitive skin. She loves it. Ravelry notes here.



I’m a bit obsessed with the baby knits right now. Does knitting qualify as nesting? I think so. First up was this quick little soaker, which I really enjoyed making. We use mostly cloth diapers and this time around I want to use some wool covers, so what better than hand knits? It looks a bit big for a newborn to me, though it measures smaller than the pattern measurements for that size, so we’ll see. Maybe it’ll work well over a fitted diaper. I still need to weave in those pesky ends, but my yarn needle went missing, and I’ve only just gotten a new one. Hopefully I can get them sewn in in the next few days. Then, I must start on another of these little lovelies. Ravelry notes here.


I’m also working on a newborn Emma Tunic with the leftover cotton yarn from Ani’s shirt. I’m almost done and if it turns out like I think it’s going to, I may cry happy pregnancy tears of love. Check back for Wednesday’s Yarn Along post and pictures of a (hopefully) finished object.

I’ve got to get some other handmades done in the coming weeks (there’s a 6th birthday fast approaching that this mama is not ready for), but whenever I can I’ll be working on more baby knits; they are easy, portable and quick – great (almost) instant gratification pieces. That – and these – make me happy.




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