Yarn Along – Spring Shirts

Joining Ginny for the Yarn Along.


Recently I’ve been working on Aria’s Easter shirt, made from this pattern. I still need to block it, but other than it’s done. It’s a quick, easy pattern and makes up a cute little shirt that can be worn now, when the weather’s still cool, and in the next few weeks as it (hopefully) warms. I only wish I’d made it a bit longer, but I’m hoping it’ll grow a bit when blocked. I made several mods. Ravelry notes here.

Now, I am working on Ani’s Easter shirt, using the same pattern. You would think that would make it super simple, but getting ready for this project took a bit of research, as well as a Mama-Ani trip to the local yarn store. You see, I am finally admitting to myself that Ani’s skin is just too sensitive for most wools and any other not-so-soft fibers, with the exception of a few superwash wools or wool/cotton combos (Spud & Chloe Sweater is one). Anything remotely rough brings with it an onslaught of tears and screams until the offending garment is removed, from the loveliest wool in the sweetest handknits to novelty fibers in shimmery, store-bought socks to tags in shirts. Super soft Manos has even been deemed too “scratchy”. Slowly she’s been shying away more and more from the handknits she once loved, something I just couldn’t let go on. She’s always treasured whatever I make for her and I hated for that to end so soon. So, when planning this particular project, I wanted to give her a chance to pick out something special that she knew would be extra soft to her sensitive skin. The wonderful people at fibre space recommended Rowan Softknit Cotton and she picked out the colors on a Mama-Ani outing. I love the pink, blue and purple she chose and so far this seems the perfect yarn for her. The other day she asked to hold up the little I have done to her neck to feel the softness, which quickly brought smiles and an exclamation of “not scratchy!”, which is a very good sign.

I wanted to make matching skirts for the girls for Easter, too, but I think I’ll be lucky at this point to get both shirts done. I have lots of items on my “to make” list at the moment and it seems like a case of my eyes being bigger than my sizable belly. There’s just only so much this pregnant mama can get done. Consequently, these are not surprises; I’m working on them mostly during the girl’s playtime in the afternoons.

As for reading, I’m doing a lot of research on a new project we’ll be undertaking in the next several months (no, I don’t mean the baby, though there is undoubtedly research also being done on how to incorporate her into this little venture). I’ll share more soon, but for now, I’ll leave you with a pic of the possibly life-changing yarn being used in Ani’s shirt. Though I will forever love wool, I’m very grateful for the cotton and other super soft processed yarns out there that will allow this mama to continue to dress her super-sensitive little one in handknits. She is too.



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