Yarn Along – Doll Surgery

I’ve been more than a bit absent from this space recently and will fill you all in on what all has been happening soon. For today, though, I’m jumping back in by joining Ginny for the Yarn Along…

For Aria’s 4th birthday I knit her a doll. That doll has been well-loved, Aria playing with her off and on as she does all her toys. Recently, the two have been playing together quite a bit and the doll sustained her first injury. Aria brought her to me one afternoon a couple weeks ago, full of holes, where only that morning she’d been the picture of health. It looked like someone either took the scissors to her (neither girl admitted to that, nor were any rogue scissors found) or perhaps the cat tore into her. Whatever happened, she was in need of some major surgery.


I wasn’t sure what to do to fix her – I’d never repaired holes torn into a knitted object before – so she lay pitifully on our desk for several days while Aria pined away for her. Today I finally found the perfect tutorial on repairing holes in knitting; this covers a variety of techniques, type of holes and type of objects. I highly recommend it if you, like me, are a novice repairer.

In the end, the four holes took about an hour to fix and the doll looks almost as good as new. I’m guessing that as she’s played with the grafting line will become less noticeable. Aria could hardly see it now.

I bandaged up the patient – all surgery patients need a pretty little bandage – and handed her off just in time for the two to drift off to dreamland. I’m hoping she stays healthy for a good long while as she and her sis (Ani’s baby) just might be getting some new clothes for Christmas and will want to feel at their best for the holiday.



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