Yarn Along – Treasure Pouches

Joining Ginny for the Yarn Along…

The Fall Festival for our Waldorf School is coming up very soon and as the coordinator for the Handwork Group for the school I am pretty much eating and breathing Handwork. So, though I have, surprisingly, nearly finished Aria’s cowl, I’ll save that for another day and show you one of the knitted items I have made quite a few of this past week – Treasure Pouches. These will hopefully act as a place for our nature-loving littles to carry all the acorns, pebbles and other bits they pick up along the way.


The pattern is Lori’s Pockets for Africa and it is a quick and easy knit (I made mine in about an hour each, give or take). I originally found it here, and was immediately inspired to knit one for Ani’s birthday, which I’ll do…after the festival. She and Aria both love the ones I’ve made so far, so I may be making two (more). I made some mods to allow for bulkier yarn; those notes are on my Rav page.

As for reading, I’m again going the busy mama’s route of an audiobook. This week’s book is We Bought a Zoo by Benjamin Mee, narrated by Gildart Jackson. Though the narration is a bit dry, I’ve gotten used to it and I’m enjoying the story. The past couple months the movie has been my go-to film whenever I need something sweet or fun or poignant to watch, my current “comfort film,” and I was excited to find the audiobook. There are definite differences between the book and the film but I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how close the movie is to the (true) story, some parts of the movie taken almost word for word from the book, and how well the adaptation was done.


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