Yarn Along – The Last of a Favorite Yarn

Joining Ginny for the Yarn Along…

I just managed to snag a couple of the last skeins of Neighborhood Fiber Co.’s Victorian Bulky and will be casting on the heavy-weight, large needle, super-quick project I’ve been longing for ASAP.


I made a Wasabi Cowl for a Christmas gift last year; Aria loved it and it looked amazing on her. Since then I’ve been on the lookout for the same thick-thin yarn I used for that one, but my local yarn store stopped carrying it and similar yarns have proved hard to find (not sure why…am i the only one that LOVES these yarns?). Then, a couple weeks ago I made an inquiry directly to the producer and within a week or so she’d put the last remaining odd-ball skeins of this discontinued but much-loved (by me, at least) yarn up for sale on the website. One ball just happened to be a bright blue that Aria loves at the moment and suddenly one of her Christmas gifts was taken care of (except for the actual knitting that is, which hopefully will be done next week).

I finished the audiobook of the Handmaid’s Tale. Claire Danes narration was perfect for the character and subject matter. It was an odd story, in my opinion, one that leaves a great many questions unanswered and doesn’t exactly have a happy ending, which I prefer (though it does at least leave the reader with a bit of hope). It was well-written and definitely made me think, though, which I like. Overall, I think it was worth my time, but probably not an all-time favorite.


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