Yarn Along – Sunset Over the Sea Shawl

Joining Ginny for the Yarn Along…


The blues, greens and golds of the ocean at sundown shimmer and slowly turn to ripples of a red, orange and purple sunset; the bamboo within the Grassy Wool glows as waves close to the shore, then slowly becomes solid color and warmth on the horizon, the water no longer visible. So goes my Sunset Over the Sea Shawl.


I planned this project as a gift for my mom – the colors are perfect for her – but when I went fishing for her take on shawls recently, she declared them “too fancy,” so this little lovely’s destination is still to be determined. Aria has some ideas, as do I. I might keep it, though my idea of a perfect shawl is larger, thicker, cozier. Either way, I have a completed piece ready to go should the need arise.

The yarns I used – Scarlet Fleece Grassy Wool and Araucania Ranco Multy – were lovely to work with and look beautiful in the shawl, though the fingering weight yarn was a challenge I didn’t fully master, even at the end (though I did get better). Despite this – and the incredible length of those last few rows – I have been inspired to do another, smaller shawl…in a while. I’ve needed a bit of a break after this one and despite my final-row fantasies of knitting something quick and easy using super bulky wool and large needles, I haven’t jumped into anything new since completing it. The last couple weeks have been very busy with the start of school and as I’m still getting used to the new rhythm of our days, I just haven’t quite been able to wrap my head around the next project, though I have some ideas. I find knitting to be like a good book; after flipping that final page and closing the back cover, the story lingers for a while, making it hard to start another book right away. I need to live with the experience of it a bit before moving on. For now, I look forward to casting on one of those heavier weight, faster-knit items soon and, before Christmas, cranking out a Little House Shawl for Aria out of a sparkly fingering weight.

This week I’m listening to the Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood, narrated by Claire Danes. Danes’ performance is crisp, haunting and foreboding. The story is disturbing and intriguing and though I’m not sure “enjoying it” would be the right description, given the storyline, I am drawn back to it, wanting to make sense of the crazy world Atwood is slowly piecing together for me, the reader, and wanting a happy resolution for the characters within.



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