A Skirt for a Tall Oak


Aria started school today. In our Waldorf school, kindergarten is a two-year, mixed-age class. The children in their second year of kindergarten and those that will be six sometime during the school year, are called “Tall Oaks.” Tall Oaks have greater responsibility, are given specific jobs to help out the class, and are given more complicated projects to work on than the younger children in the class. For example, last year Aria made a finger-knitted crown and a lovely wooden bird feeder that she helped build and that she sanded; this year, she’ll make a cape and a wooden sword, building it and sanding and polishing it herself, and hand sew a sheath for the sword. Though feeling a bit of trepidation at starting the year, she is very excited about being a Tall Oak and all that entails.


This year, I wanted to make each of the girls a skirt for their first days of school. Combining favorite features from a few different skirt patterns, I came up with a simple pattern for a roomy, ruffled skirt with a couple of contrast pockets for treasures found while exploring. Super cute, this skirt is as perfect for climbing trees and playing tag as it is for mothering a soft baby or cooking a wooden egg.


A friend of mine, Jennie, gave me some beautifully-dyed fabric before moving cross-country and I combined that with a bright butterfly print that seemed especially fitting after our recent butterfly adventures (more on those later); it also matched a new-to-us T-shirt I found at our favorite thrift store that is covered with butterflies. True to form, I finished in the wee hours of the morning. Seeing Aria’s reaction makes it worth it, though. She loves it, was delighted to find it waiting for her in the closet this morning and once she had it on wouldn’t take it off even long enough for me to tighten the elastic a bit. (It’s just a touch too loose in the waist; it’s definitely wearable, but spins a little on her waist when she moves. She says I can tighten it tomorrow.)

Her favorite features? The pockets, with the twirliness a close second.



3 thoughts on “A Skirt for a Tall Oak

    1. Thanks, Elaine! Glad you like it!

      I need to work out a few kinks, then I’ll try to post a pattern/tutorial. I’m making another for Ani’s first day (next week), so hopefully will be able to put something together shortly after that.

  1. A Tall Oak! Maia will love to see these pictures in the morning.

    I’d also love to have the the pattern… as soon as the weather gets cold I am inspired to knit and sew, and this skirt would be the perfect place to start. And my new neighbors offered to lend me their sewing machine – so I wouldn’t even have to hand sew:-)

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