Ravellenic Games 2012

Two years ago I participated in Yarn Harlot’s Knitting Olympics, an event that coincided with and celebrated the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games. This time around there was a bit of a bruhaha over the use of the copyrighted term “Olympics” so Ravelry’s Olympic nod has been renamed the “Ravellenic Games.” I never got all the details about what exactly went on but my understanding is that the Olympic Committee felt compelled to stop Ravelry from using the copyrighted word in their version of the games. A letter was sent, knitters were insulted by the choice of wording (it was unfortunate) but in the end the games go on, just under a different moniker. Yarn Harlot addressed the issue in a recent post and made excellent and rational points; I myself harbor no ill will toward toward the Olympic Committee for protecting their rights, though I do think the words used were a particularly poor choice. An apology was issued, and though (valid) concerns remain about the overall attitude of the USOC toward the knitting community, hopefully we can put aside the conflict and come together to celebrate the Games, sport and fibre alike, with the spirit of the Olympics.

Last time around I had loads of ideas for the Games but with toddler and a newborn in tow my biggest goal was to just knit more than I had been doing, which was not much at all. I succeeded in that goal, though did not complete as many specific projects as I would have liked. This year, we are all much older and wiser; consequently, I have a small goal at this point for these games, to knit Ani a Milo. I’ve just completed Aria’s (more on that next week) and it was a quick knit, so barring any unforeseen illnesses or injuries, this should be a pretty easy and realistic goal to meet.

Thinking about it, though, it doesn’t really seem like enough of a challenge, since I finished Aria’s Milo in a week (that was an intensive knitting week, yes, but Ani’s will be smaller and smaller = faster, yes?) so I’m going to throw in a baby hat as well, for a friend’s sister who is expecting soon.

Really, that still doesn’t seem like enough and I’m tempted to add more projects to Ravelry and enter more “events” in the Ravellenic Games, but as I don’t want to let down my team 20120726-232309.jpg(Team fibre space – WOOT, WOOT!!!) by not finishing, I’m planning to enter more later if all goes well. We’ll see. I’m trying to be realistic, yet also challenge myself a bit without turning the games into three weeks of little sleep and lots of stress over not knitting enough. I know enough by now to acknowledge life with littles rarely goes as planned and my free nights could quickly book up with illness or just summertime mania.

I’m casting on this afternoon in conjunction with the opening ceremonies of the 2012 London Olympic Games. I’ve always loved the Olympics; I look forward to them for years ahead of time, follow the stories of the competitors and root for the underdogs or the ones that tug on my heartstrings the most. I don’t claim that my knitting compares to the struggles and commitment these athletes have, only that it is a way to celebrate and join in with something global, something bigger than myself, a way to build relationships and skill (albeit of a very different sort) and to have a bigger excuse (as if any is needed) to watch the athletes pour their very souls into their performances.

Good luck, Athletes!

Good luck, Knitters!

Let the Games begin!


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