Yarn Along

Nearly a week after the massive storm that hit the East Coast, we have wi-fi back. Ours was but a mild annoyance compared to others ongoing suffering. More on the storm soon.

For now, I’m celebrating the return of wi-fi and joining Ginny for the Yarn Along, only slightly late.


I’ve been knitting a bit more the past couple weeks and have found that this Noro Striped Scarf – aka, my Not-in-Napa Scarf – is the perfect thing to work on while the girls play. The color changes keep it interesting, while the simple stitch pattern allows me to stop at almost any point to help a wee one with this or that without losing my place. This is my first Noro Striped Scarf and I’m almost done, with only the ends left to weave in. Despite my doubts about the yarn and the contrast colors I chose and how they mixed the main color, I’m really liking how this turned out. So much so that I immediately cast on for a smaller, mini Noro for Aria with the remaining yarn (yes, before I finished weaving in those pesky ends).

I finished Farm City by Novella Carpenter a few days ago and, keeping with the farm theme, immediately started this book, Growing a Farmer, which Carpenter recommends. I’ve already renewed it twice from the library but haven’t had a chance to sink my teeth into it until now. So far it’s worth the wait; I love how organic his story is, full of mistakes and/or learning experiences while slowly, over many years, coming to the realization of what he wants his farm to be and how to make that happen. I admire how he passes up the perfect farm in a community he wouldn’t be comfortable in, for an underdog farm in a community he loves. If we ever have a farm, I’m guessing our experience will be similar – full of naiveté and ambition and beginners’ errors. I hope it’s someplace we love to live, in a community full of people we call friends. For now, I love reading others’ stories, picking up tips that i will hopefully have the chance to apply to our own land one day and learning from their mistakes. Now, to get it finished before it’s due back to the library…


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