Summer Bucket List 2012

Little Wonders' Days

School ended for Aria last year and the all-school picnic was yesterday, so summer vacation has started at last. For the second year, we will so, building memories along the way. It was only natural, then, to do it again this year. So, without further ado, here’s this year’s list; it’s growing and changing, so check back often for updates. It’s also a bit pie-in-the-sky, especially when it comes to my own goals, but to my way of thinking it’s better to reach for the stars and land in the clouds than to always stay on the ground. Right?

A few events below take place in September, the last on the fall equinox, so while we’ll be trying to crank out the majority of these activities before Labor Day, “summer” for the purposes of our list will last until the calendar declares it to be officially over.


For the Family

  • Waldorf Community Camping Trip
  • Trip to see Grandma Janie, Aunt Kiki & Uncle Dustin and all the rest of the MO/IA peeps (girls only)
  • Day trips to Richmond and other Remarkable Tree sites
  • Day trip to Assateague State Park (state park side apparently avoids the bugs)
  • Trip to the beach (an Aria request)
Fun Outings

For the Girls

Out of the House
  • Lots of time at the pool, getting the girls lots of swim practice
  • Lots of time spent on the bikes
  • “Backyard” nature scavenger hunt
  • Fish scavenger hunt at aquarium
  • Lots of time at the local splash parks
  • Attend the SummerQuest events at the local library and participate in the Summer Reading Program
  • Attend the animal tracking club through Ancestral Knowledge
  • Participate in the volunteer gardening at National Colonial Farm (Accokeek Foundation) and visit the sheep and other animals (visiting a sheep farm is an Aria request)
  • Nature notebooks
  • Begin tracking the new trees at the local park, documenting type, growth, etc
  • Participate in the school playgroup
  • Have lots of picnics
  • Play in the rain
  • Blow big bubbles, like this
  • Make bubble prints
  • Create dirt and water play areas (outdoor kitchen/washbasin?) on our balcony
  • Stargaze
  • Collect rocks and paint with water
  • Watch fireworks
  • Fly kites
  • Go visit the Butterfly House at the National Museum of Natural History (an Aria request)
  • Cook together
In the House
  • Make our own extra-sour lemonade/limeade from scratch (inspiration: fizzy limeade from the Takoma Park Folk Festival); this one looks good too (with a lot less sugar) and would utilize our copious amounts of homegrown mint
  • Make our own popsicles (yogurt and fruit)
  • Participate in the Read Aloud Read Along each month
  • Paint

For the Mama

  • Crank out a few more needed summer items, such as lightweight pajamas, for the girls
  • Sew myself at least one shirt or skirt or maybe those pants I bought the fabric for last summer (this mama’s wardrobe is seriously lacking)
  • Make and start on the fall sewing, knitting, handmade list: clothes for the girls, holiday gifts (Christmas sweaters for the girls?), Ani’s birthday dress, etc
  • Start a quilt for Aria (Christmas)
  • Finish Ani’s Tiny Tea Leaves
  • Make a bag for myself
  • Work on stuff for the school’s Handwork Group
The Garden & Kitchen
  • Grow enough tomatoes to can some, enough basil to freeze some pesto and dry enough thyme to use throughout the winter
  • Learn how to can and acquire the necessary supplies to do a bit of it
  • Make mint tea from the garden’s mint plants
  • Make our own yogurt
Alone Time
  • Swim alone at least once a week
  • Read at least two books not about parenting

For the Parents

  • Go on a date outside of the house
  • Reignite date nights at home once a week
  • Solidify future plans

7 thoughts on “Summer Bucket List 2012

    1. Thanks, Pamela! We did this last year and it gave me little goals to work toward; helped me plan and look forward to things rather than feeling overwhelmed by lots of days I needed to fill. And we all had a great time crossing off lost items. Lots of fun! 🙂

  1. Lots of these are on our list, too! If you don’t want to invest in jars, I have loads of them and would be happy to share some until you decide if you want to do a lot of your own canning. Related, I’ve found that simply coring and freezing tomatoes is loads less work and they’re super easy to work. When you pull them out of the freezer, run water over them and the skins fall off.

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