:little things: grateful

* for the storm this evening and the cool air and comforting sounds it brought with it
* for the newest issue of Taproot awaiting me when I checked the mailbox this evening, bringing a much-needed boost to this tired mama
* that my three peeps are all on the road to recovery from whatever nastiness was gripping them last week
* that, so far, I’ve remained healthy and able to prevent the collapse of the household that is oft-inevitable when illness descends
* that all were well enough for a first-swim-of-the-season on Monday
* that this mama got to swim a few laps on her own that day, her body slowly remembering how good it feels to move powerfully through the water
* for the three months of pool weather ahead of us and the pool within walking distance
* for the plan to spend a LOT of time there this summer
* for my water-loving girls
* for my husband, encouraging me to take some time to swim alone this summer
* for these Double Coconut Muffins (I made the “piña colada” version, adding a cup of frozen pineapple, thawed and cut into small pieces. I also used more whole wheat flour than regular and used 1/4 cup honey in place of sugar. YUM. A little tropical paradise in every bite.)


2 thoughts on “:little things: grateful

  1. Hey Meg, I saw that you had over 10 things to be thankful for, 10 good things! Glad you are enjoying the pool. I should have gone swimming myself tonight, but just couldn’t find the steam…..hope you all have a wonderful summer!!!

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