Yarn Along

I’m joining Ginny this week for the Yarn Along.


I’m making slow progress on Ani’s Tiny Tea Leaves. Since the weather has gotten warmer my knitting mojo has waned significantly. I’ve been focused instead on sewing the girls spring wardrobes (more on those later) and making various birthday gifts. I’m trying to crank out a few rows here and there though, as I feel badly it’s taking me so long (especially since Aria already has hers). At this rate it’ll be ready just in time for fall.

All the blogs I follow seem to have an element of farm life in them. Recently I’ve been thinking about what it would take to implement that element within my own family’s life; I think we would all benefit immensely from it. So, I’m reading up, trying to figure out if the ideal in my head would be close enough to the reality to actually work for our family. Keith and the girls got me The Beekeeping Handbook and The Joy of Keeping Farm Animals for Mother’s Day and I checked out City Farmer from the library. I’ve got more on hold there as well. Keith likes the idea of having a small farm too and has been looking through the books with me. So far, our biggest question – apart from all the hows and wheres of actually acquiring a farm – is what happens to the animals NOT raised for meat. As a vegetarian family, butchering is not the way we’d want to go, but if not that, what? I haven’t yet found a farm book for vegetarians.

What are you reading/knitting right now? Any farming books you’d recommend? Any with a vegetarian/animal-friendly approach?


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