Building a Fairy Garden (Part 1)

Inspired by the Magic Onions blog, we’ve been building a fairy garden with the girls. It’s an ongoing process – we’ll be adding to it and watching it grow and hopefully attract those elusive fairies – but here’s what’s happened so far:

20120508-164611.jpgKeith and the girls drew up plans for the garden and we all took a family trip to the Merrifield Garden Center (amazing!) to get the necessary pot and plants. Look closely at the plans and you’ll see the various plants, including red and purple flowers and a tree, plus a pond, a swing and a house.

Next, Keith and the girls prepped the pot with stones and dirt and even a little leaf-shaped dish for the pond.

20120508-165128.jpgThen we planted…

20120508-165302.jpg…and watered…


20120508-165823.jpg…and admired…

…and played.


So far, we have a small evergreen tree and two small, flowering plants with purple blossoms, in addition to the pond (or “creek,” as Aria calls it) and a few picked flowers that may or may not take. There is the requisite moss (fairies must have moss!) and we also have a water flower which is a blossom Aria found on the ground at the Garden Center and placed in a tiny, water-filled pot. It’s very cute and somehow completely matches the red flower she drew in the plans.

Stay tuned…there’s a lot left in those plans to add in. Next up: a swing.


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