:little things: a weekend by the sea

We spent the weekend camping at Cape Hatteras National Seashore. Today I am reflecting on our trip and…

*seeing, in my mind’s eye, little footprints left in the sand by two girls playing in the waves

*feeling so grateful that it finally warmed enough to ditch the shoes and heavy sweaters and walk barefoot on the beach, splashing our feet in the water

*loving the feeling, lingering still, of the sand between my toes and the salt air filling my lungs, the ocean air whipping through my hair, the essence of the sea imprinting on my soul and dissolving the stress, worry, and, for a moment, the ever-present longing for the West Coast

*hearing the roar of the waves in my ears

*believing that being barefoot on the beach really is one of the best feelings ever

*remembering laughing and smiling with my family as we played along the beach, being happier than I’ve been in a long time, running with the girls in and out of the foam, the girls squealing as the waves chased them up the beach after each ventured just close enough to toss a seashell back into it’s liquid home

*loving that my girls both loved the sand and shells and waves almost as much as their mama (maybe I’ll get my beach bum babies after all!) and the camping almost as much as their daddy

*finding it fascinating that the outdoors can have such a visibly calming affect on us all and realizing we are missing it here at home even more than we thought we were

*happy that the challenges that come with a first camping trip with kids were successfully worked out & that lessons were fairly easily learned for next time (hot showers and frequent sunscreen are a must for us all, for example, as are pocket hand warmers for mama’s feet at night)

*glad all are excited for a next time and wondering when and where that will be (daddy’s birthday, perhaps?)

*trying to relish the feeling that came with Keith being really away from work and present with his family, something that doesn’t happen often, even as he returns to his hectic, demanding schedule

*washing and drying and folding oh-so-much laundry in a (failing) attempt to catch up with the mountains of it we came back with (and already had)

*hoping we can take trips like this a bit more often than we have in the past







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