:little things: starting the week

Starting this week, I’ve realized:

*I did not get nearly enough laundry done over the weekend, especially for myself.

*As a result, I’m wearing entirely too much grey.

*It is possible that I have too much grey in my wardrobe.

*Despite that, I quite like grey. It calms me.

*I did manage to cook quite a lot this weekend (thanks to K for distracting the girls long enough for me to make some headway on the kitchen), whipping up some lovely millet muffins (recipe from this fave) for the long morning drives and a pot of comforting red lentil soup (made with coconut oil instead of butter, yum), among other things.

*It’s unfortunate that Little A is not a fan of either of these nutritious dishes.

*Thankfully she devours the roasted butternut squash that Big A will not touch and the surprisingly healthy vegan crustless pumpkin pie that also made it through the oven this weekend.

*Despite my weekend productivity, I still have a lot of cooking to do to make it through the week. I do appreciate the head start, though.

*I read something recently (that I can’t find again) that toddlers instinctively know what they need nutritionally and will eat it in the amounts they need (if offered to them, of course). I hope this is true, as my little ones eat lots of different things but not very consistently and Little A doesn’t ever eat much.

*I’ve been very tired quite a lot recently. Busy weekends, while fun and productive, don’t help that…until it comes time to make dinner and it’s already nearly done. That part I like.

*I’m very excited for the release (finally!) of this book and I’m anxiously awaiting my copy.

*More than anything on this cool day, I want to curl up with my new favorite blanket (a big, green wool one, happened upon at my local thrift store) and knit on Big A’s Tiny Tea Leaves (it’s so close to being done!) with my littles playing peacefully around me, the sun’s rays cozily warming us through the windows. What are the chances, do you think?


2 thoughts on “:little things: starting the week

  1. Funny. I have entirely too much gray, too, but I love it. I think for the same reason – it calms me. It’s totally my weekend “color”!

    Also, what butternut squash soup recipe? *bats eyelashes* I’d love to get a hold of that!

    1. It’s not a soup, it’s just roasted butternut squash: Cut squash in 1/2 lengthwise then into 1″ wide slices (crescent moon-shaped; make sure to scoop out seeds), toss with olive oil and a little salt and nutmeg, lay out flat on a cookie sheet, roast in a 400 degree oven for 30-45 min or until fork easily pierces. Let cool a bit then peel off skin and eat the rest as is or add to pasta, salad, quinoa, etc. Yum.

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