Selfish Knitting

I’m not sure who came up with Selfish Knitting Month. I think I heard of it from Brenda Dayne of the Cast On podcast. Wherever it came from, it’s genius.

For the crafty among us, the days and weeks leading up to the winter holidays are a flurry of making for all but ourselves. I probably knitted and sewed more pieces in the last couple months of the year than all the rest of 2011 combined. I loved it. After the holidays, though, I was ready to cast on a selfish reward or two…or three.

Last Mother’s Day, I picked up some gorgeous plant-dyed yarn at the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival during a family outing I’d been dreaming of for years. I saved it, promising myself I would use it for a special something just for me; eventually settling on the Purl Scarf, I picked up the other necessary yarns during the infamous Black Friday sale at my local yarn shop, but committed to finishing my holiday knitting before casting on. I kept that promise, leaving only the Quilt unfinished (which isn’t knitting, so it’s OK, right?). It was worth the wait; the results are fabulous. I truly love this scarf. (Ravelry notes here.)


Once I was done with my Purl, I felt as though I’d gotten a taste of something fabulous; I wanted more. I hadn’t knitted for myself in a long time and I liked it. That, coupled with a mild case of startitis, meant that I had a perfect second selfish project ready to go. So I blocked out January on my calendar as Selfish Knitting Month and whipped up a Marian Cowl.

After that I figured I needed a hat to match my scarf, so after a long search through Ravelry, I settled on Dragonflies and used two of the same skeins I’d knit the scarf in. It turned out beautifully and I’m so pleased with it. And it has inspired me to revisit that dreadlock idea – i think they would look great peeking out of this! ( These skeins seem to be neverending, by the way; I have enough of each for a third piece! Ravelry notes here.)

Side note: I told Aria the design was dragonflies; she wondered where the head and tail and body were.

I’ve enjoyed this rare stint of creating for me so much that I was planning to extend Selfish Knitting Month a bit on my personal calendar. I cast on for the Noro Scarf, also known as the Not-in-Napa Scarf (details later), and planned to work up the Lace-Up Fingerless Gloves from AlterKnits after that to go with my hat and scarves. I figured those items would get me to a warm and cozy place and then I could get on with the gift knitting again. But something happened along the way. I got bored of scarves and hats and frankly, knitting for myself, and started dreaming of a challenge, a little sweater for one of the girls maybe. And then, in a flash, my selfish knitting plans (and my Not-in-Napa Scarf) were on hold and a Tiny Tea Leaves was beginning to take shape on my needles. It’s going to be a good one. And I don’t miss selfish knitting one bit.


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