A First Quilt (or A Very Belated Christmas)


A couple weeks ago I finally put the finishing touches on Ani’s quilt. It was to be a Christmas present – part of a matching quilt & pillow set – but life (and pneumonia) got in the way a bit and my progress became painfully slow. Admittedly, I slowed down further after the holidays, having become a bit burnt out with all the crafting leading up to the holidays and letting Selfish Knitting Month take full hold (more on that next time). I did plow on over the weekends, though, during naptime or when Keith would take the girls out for their Daddy-Daughter Breakfasts (quilting with little ones underfoot is not for this newbie); I felt lots of mama guilt that my littlest one’s gift wasn’t done (though for her part, she didn’t seem to mind too much; she had her pillow). And so it was that a couple weekends ago I was able to tie off the final stitches and pass my youngest her Christmas gift. She snuggled under it that night it…and promptly came down with a stomach bug. Ah well, at least we know it will hold up to washing!



The pattern is a modification of the 1, 2, 3! quilt from Modern Basics. Inspired by another quilt from the same book, I added flower appliqués of my own design to the center square then hand stitched the borders. On the reverse side, I hand stitched the outline of the flowers.



The machine quilting I did was very simple, just borders for each block.

All fabric is upcycled from thrifted fabric, including the batting, which was crafted from two layers of jersey sheets.

I learned a lot from this first quilting experience. I definitely see why many use quilting cotton; the upcycled fabric resulted in many different types of fabric coming together, some stretchier than others, and it did become difficult to line the blocks up just right and get the fabric on the back not to pucker a bit. I also think batting is probably easier to use than fabric layers, less shifting around.


It’s by no means a perfect piece – the stitching is a bit wonky in parts and the vintage bias tape I used for the stems is already cracking a bit  and will probably have to be replaced at some point – but I am quite pleased with it, nonetheless. Ani loves it, which is really what matters; she carries it around and tucks her babies into it (but only when she feels like sharing) and sleeps with it and her pillow often. It melts my heart when she looks at me, serious, and says, the end of her questions almost a squeak, “You made this, Mama? You made this?” and then smiles happily and hugs her blanket or pillow or whatever it is a little harder when I acknowledge that I did make it, just for her.



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