Slow and Steady Wins the Race

The finish line is almost within reach and I’m doing pretty well. Not as far along as I’d like to be, but making steady progress. It would be easier if I could get the girls to take a dual nap/quiet time, but so far this week, that hasn’t happened. So there have been lots of late nights for this mama. Keith has been able to get home on time this week and take over bedtime, so that has helped tremendously. I’ve been able to get out of the house and really focus on what knitting I need to get done, then after the girls are in bed I come home and sew. (I tried staying home through bedtime but Ani will not go to Keith in the couple hours leading up to bedtime if I’m home; I think this week’s separation has actually been good them for that reason.)

A couple nights ago I finished one of my favorite pieces for this holiday season, a cape for Aria.
Aria has been asking for a cape for months. She’s asked me to make one, it was the only thing she asked Santa for and it’s what she’s sure she’s getting on Christmas morning (because she asked Santa for it!). So it was something that needed to be made. Santa and I conferred and decided I would sew it and he would help me find the oh-so-lovely fabric and a perfect wooden button.

They were all over the city, but with a bit of hunting eventually I found his lovely offerings.

One side is made up of a shimmering lavender Egyptian cotton; the other side a pretty vintage print with sunflowers and other plants that Aria loves. Both are upcycled fabrics from my favorite local thrift store.

The button is a reclaimed stick cut crossways to reveal the rings within.

Part magic, part woodland realm; I think she’s going to love it. (Santa and I are still negotiating credit; I think it may be a shared thing.)

I’ve also made a set of gnomes and houses for the girls. They love the ones in my Etsy shop and have been dying to get their little hands on them for months, so I think they’ll be excited for these. Finishing up Aria’s today, hopefully. Back to the grindstone…I’ve got a gnome house, two fairies, two flowers and a (simple) quilt to finish in two days. And a little something for Keith. It can be done, right? Right?!?



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