Down But Not Out

This last week has been a tough one. Aria had pneumonia and Ani has been on the brink for a couple days, though Aria, at least, is on the upswing now. I’m fighting a cold as well and Keith had only just gotten over one when all this hit. Then he got word on Thursday that he would be going to Alaska on Sunday. We spent part of Saturday, our only day together, outfitting him for his trip as they say Alaska winters are a bit different than they are in the DC area. I’m not convinced, but I do like to the err on the no-frostbite side of things, so we stocked up on wool and down and hand warmers to keep him nice and toasty.

– Cue Rant –

Attention management: Please give more notice when sending staff into the frozen tundra over the winter solstice, especially when significant others are knitters. Wool is often the chosen medium of our cozy art and it would have been ever so nice to send him off with lots of handmade woolens to keep him warm. The acrylic hat he is wearing worries me.

Note to knitters: I have provided my dear one with woolens in the past – he has not been neglected – and I may even have a little something up my knitting sleeve for Christmas, but as he runs warm and the DC area is not too cold most winters – knock on wood – they have not been of the sort to keep one warm in a driving snowstorm and temps in the teens (F), with the exception of one very warm wool scarf that he couldn’t locate in the couple hours he had to pack. Had I known a little farther in advance, he would have received that special little something early and we would have scoured the house for the scarf.

– Rant Ended –

With all that going on, we have still managed to get our Christmas spirit on here in the Nelson household. With our outing to get a *real* Christmas tree scrapped (pneumonia will do that), we dug out our artificial tree and ornaments and decorated it over the weekend, pacing ourselves so as not to wear out the sickly ones.


We also had an early Christmas celebration with my mom, in town for the weekend. As she’s received her gift, I can show you the finished object I’m probably most proud of this season (so far), these Snapdragon Mitts.


The cabling is the most complicated I’ve done to date but once I got the hang of it I really enjoyed the pattern, though as it was one that required quite a bit of concentration, it was saved for naptimes, quiet times and after-bedtimes. After all the excitement a child’s illness can bring, I finished these up just in time for the gift exchange, sewing in the last ends and wrapping them up just as my mom arrived to our home. She loved them and wore them throughout the rest of the trip; the snapdragon motif is just perfect for my flower-loving mom. (Ravelry notes here.)


To continue the festive mood and keep recovering-but-still-tired girls entertained, we decorated this yesterday. It’s the first time we’ve done a gingerbread house and the girls both really enjoyed it. (I normally never buy the boxed kits, but somehow I knew we’d need a fun, easy activity over the holidays. Now to go get a healthier treat they can decorate and actually eat as there is no way are they getting all that sugar and processed food into their mouths. They’ll be nuts, as will I.)

Last night was rough, with the girls and myself all waking frequently, but Aria did go back to school today. She not only desperately needed the activity, my crafting schedule desperately needs a little catch up. With all the health delays, I’m getting farther behind each day. Though I am cranking out a handmade item here and there, whenever I have a spare moment and can stay awake, I’m not making the kind of progress I should be making in order to get all those items on my list finished and shipped off in time. I did make a bit of progress today, picking up some buttons and shawl pins to go with the finished items, so I’m feeling just a tiny bit caught up. I wish I could show you what is done as the objects I’ve finished have turned out remarkably well (I’m quite proud of the progress my knitting skills have made of late), but alas, all are for grownups who sometimes read this blog and the moment I post, they’ll check it out and see their gift and the surprise will be no more. Once I get the girls’ gifts done (or at least progressing) I’ll post those. They are next in my queue but gotta finish up those need-to-mail items first.

How are your holidays shaping up? Are you done with all your crafting/shopping?



2 thoughts on “Down But Not Out

  1. I wonder if I’m one of said grown-ups? *beams*

    Those gloves are beautiful! Great job, as usual… and I’m loving a serene Aria with a regal deer atop her little dome, lol!

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