A (Little) Grand Opening

A couple months ago, I quietly opened an Etsy shop to little fanfare or ado. I got the shop look and business details in order, a few vintage fabrics and goods up for order and then set about figuring out how to stock the handmade section of the shop and what I should start with. A little backwards, perhaps, but the ideas I’d started with didn’t seem original enough, so I went back the drawing board, so to speak.

Finally, after mulling over several options, I came up with an idea. I love handmade, non-plastic toys for my girls, toys that inspire their imaginations and storytelling. Waldorf toys seem especially good at instigating imaginative play and their emphasis on natural fibers and handwork is quite appealing to this crafty mama and seemed like a good place to start. So, combining my love of all things wool and my ever expanding skills in knitting, I created these knitted fairy / gnome houses.


I haven’t seen anything quite like these on Etsy and yet they have a similar look and feel to the gorgeous (yet more expensive) felted playscapes so popular amongst those seeking natural toys. Each is knitted with a super soft, super cuddly merino wool and stuffed with wool roving.


I liked how this little village came together so I kept going and knitted up these:

20111122-174712.jpgA little gnome.

20111123-155631.jpgA rugged little gnome.

And these:

20111123-153253.jpgThis set is made of both alpaca (cozy!) and wool.

And these:

20111122-174746.jpgThis little set of gnomes and houses were gifted to two little girls on their way across the world with their family.
I’m hoping their mama gives them an occasional little squeeze too and thinks of me.
You’ll be missed, Y family.

My shop now has a small stock of handmade gnomes and villages, each unique and each full of the warmth only natural fibers provide (alpaca/cotton/hemp available for the wool sensitive). There will be more houses and gnomes listed in the coming days and a few other handmade goods will come down the pipeline soonish but probably after the holidays. Mine is not a shop filled with hundreds of goods – not at this early stage anyway – but one with a small selection of gems that will hopefully be loved and treasured by whoever chooses them. (Customization will also be offered; see the shop for more details.)

So, I’m announcing the (little) grand opening of MoogieLight Handmade & Vintage! Come and look around.


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