It Comes In Waves

I’ve been quiet lately, I know. It goes like this…nothing too exciting for a few days or weeks, but under the surface so much is happening. Needles are clinking, the motor of the sewing machine is running, balls of wool are wound and unwound…Then suddenly, a wealth of handmade goodness is completed all at once. Here are this week’s finished objects (sorry for the images; it was not a good photo week):

20111107-211933.jpgAni’s doll. Finally.
We gave this to her on her birthday. Ani was pleased with her “baby!” and before bed she spent a long time admiring the belly button and taking the dress on and off, on and off. Since then the doll has been rocked and cuddled frequently. That does this crafty mama’s heart good.
Ravelry notes here.

20111107-212219.jpgA crown for the birthday girl.
Sewn using pattern from Creative Family by Amanda Blake Soule, with a few personalizations. It wasn’t a huge hit this year (she’s only just beginning to like hats) but I think it will be in the  future. I’ll add a little something to it every year.
I love how quickly these come together and how lovely they look, especially with the plant-dyed wool.

20111109-115730.jpgAnother adaptation of the beloved, cozy, elegant Purl Scarf from Last Minute Knitted Gifts,
gifted to my mom for her upcoming birthday.
Ravelry notes here.

20111109-121109.jpgKnitted washcloths, commissioned by my mom and soon-to-be gifts for distant friends.
Ravelry notes here.

There is more to come very soon. I’m hoping to get the Etsy shop stocked with some knitted goodness in the next week or so and then, of course, there will be the Holiday projects. Is it too ambitious to plan to make all our gifts? How big are your handmade goals this year?


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