:little things: two fall mornings & a yarn dilemna

20111013-100013.jpg*I am savoring the fall morning spent yesterday with my littlest one, gathering leaves and acorns in a near-deserted park.

*Having an unscheduled morning to just be together, connect and play, relaxed and having fun is so wonderful and allows me to see more fully my youngest one and her continual changes and new developments.

*The cool, breezy, cloudy weather we had yesterday is not the classic definition of a “nice day” but it is one of my favorites, especially with the brightly-colored, turning leaves raining down from the trees.

*This morning was spent with friends, letting the little ones paint and play in the covered, outdoor (genius!) sandbox. Lovely moments on this dreary day full of muggy downpours.

*Ani is napping less and less during our mornings together while Aria is at school, which is making it difficult to get any knitting done.

*I should be finishing up Ani’s doll as her birthday is only a few weeks away but I find myself pulled toward a little sleeveless blouse pattern that Aria would love to layer over her long-sleeved tees. She’s been asking for a new, knitted, pink something and this little number would be perfect. And Christmas is coming up after all.

*I thought I had the perfect yarn – Jaeger Trinity – to make this little blouse until I swatched it. It feels like paper and has no bounce. At all. Not exactly the coziness you want wrapped around your active little one on cool days, even if the color is perfect.

*I’ve never been a dedicated swatcher but I’m very grateful that I did so for this project. Though I generally dislike doing it, it saved me a lot of time and frustration.

*I love having something not-too-complicated to work on in those moments when I find my hands restless but my brain too busy to focus on the more involved projects. When the littles are playing and I need to be present but not involved. Or when the little one who the gift knitting is for is awake. So I may have to make a trip to the yarn store. I think I can knit on it awhile before Aria catches on to exactly what it is…hopefully…and if not, I’ll have a good project for after the girls’ bedtime.

*The yarn store is both a blissful and a dangerous place for me. But there is nothing – well, not enough of any one color/yarn type – in my stash that will work. And I do love Blue Sky. And the pattern calls for Blue Sky Skinny Cotton, which I would LOVE to try. So I need to go. Right?


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