:little things:fall beginnings:

*We are all starting to feel a little more settled into our new fall rhythm.

*Aria seems to be enjoying her new class and is adjusting well to her new five-mornings-a-week school schedule.

20110926-011216.jpg*After requesting to move back in to her own room the weekend before school started, Aria has slept there every night. Due to different noise levels on that side of the condo as well as the newness of the situation, there has been a bit of adjustment and some extra night wakings, but so far she happily goes to her own bed in her own room each night.

*It’s a bit bittersweet not to have Aria sleeping in the same room with us, but as she felt ready for the move, we felt we needed to honor that.

*I’m happy we waited and also honored her unreadiness prior to this to be on her own and allowed her the closeness she needed to feel safe and secure at night.

*Ani is enjoying some time during the days without big sis around to play with little ones her own age. She is also settling in well to her Itsy Bitsy Yoga class, though she is decidedly not enjoying the extra drive time in the mornings. Hmm…May have to find something closer to school.

*I’ve been swamped with getting ready for school to start, volunteering with the school’s upcoming fundraisers and just life in general.

*As I’ve been really tired and a bit burnt out, I’m making a concerted effort to schedule in some me time.

*Last week I signed up for a Adult Yoga Playtime class last week (mom does yoga while littles play); it’s not the most serene yoga class I’ve ever been to, but being able to take Ani means I’ve been able to sign up for my first yoga class since she was born.

*Many thanks to the mom at Aria’s school who told me about the Adult Yoga Playtime class. I’ve missed yoga so much and I’m very happy to have found this.

*Tonight I went out during bedtime and had coffee with a friend. As it’s past midnight and I’m still awake, I’m thinking they forgot to give me decaf. That’s OK, though. It was a great cappuccino and I needed to get some writing done, anyway.

*I’m putting the finishing touches on my Streakers Shrug and hope to wear it later in the week when it cools down a bit. It’s the first sweater I’ve ever knit for myself. Pics to come!

*This week, I’m looking forward to cooking some our first cool weather foods (my favorite butternut squash risotto recipe, yum!) and enjoying the last offerings of summer veggies.

*How are you enjoying this first week of fall?


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