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20110802-094511.jpg* The past couple weeks have been busy with lots of summer activity. Aria had summer camp, family-from-far-away visited, and there’s been heat…lots of heat. With high temps come high humidity, poor air quality and an increase in indoor activity.

* While we’ve had more than enough indoor time to last us awhile, we have enjoyed doing some of the smaller activities on our Summer Bucket List: painting, making smoothies on the hottest days and baking on the cooler slightly less hot days, going to the library for lots of books, going to the bookstore for storytimes and a chance to play with the train, picking out more books.

* Aria should be done with the summer reading program at the library at our next visit. She’s very excited about getting her name up on the wall.

* The worst of the air quality issues seems to be past us for the moment and Aria’s asthma is more under control because of it. For that we are immensely grateful.

*My summer cold is on the mend. I’m quite grateful for that as well.

20110801-101150.jpg* I finally got to take Ani to an Itsy Bitsy Yoga class during Aria’s summer camp. Aria loved these classes as a babe and took them from the time she was a few months old until about 3 1/2 years, but because of the “what to do with the older child” issue I haven’t been able to take Ani at all yet.

* To all the yoga/baby gym/music/etc places out there: Holding classes for older kids AT THE SAME TIME as classes for little ones and mamas = More customers = More money.

* This fall I’ll be able to take Ani to Itsy Bitsy Yoga class each week while Aria is in school. I’m pretty excited about it, especially since we’ll have the same awesome instructor that taught Aria’s classes. I think Ani will be too;  she had a great time once she warmed to the new environment.

* Itsy Bitsy Yoga and similar classes for babes provide a great indoor activity for the hottest/coldest/yuckiest days and also provide mama with some adult interaction and babe a chance to play with other littles. I highly recommend them.

20110801-101210.jpg* Yesterday we visited a splash park for the first time (SBL). There are several “spraygrounds” in the DC area (all free, I think) and this particular one in Arlington has both playground equipment and fountains. It was fabulous. I think this will become a weekly outing (at least!) for the remainder of the summer, especially on scorching hot days like today. It’s nearby, clean, shaded in parts, age appropriate for both little gals and bigger girls and totally easy to keep an eye on both – in short, a mama’s dream. I’m not sure why I waited this long to go, except that I wasn’t completely familiar with any one in particular and wasn’t sure how chaotic it would be (it wasn’t).

* Tonight a blissful summertime storm rumbled through, bringing with it a welcome drop in temperature and humidity. It was lovely.

* Our first cherry tomatoes are almost ripe. We are very eager to try them.

* I finally got a chance to make the Little Quinoa Patties from Super Natural Every Day by Heidi Swanson this evening. The wait was worth it. They were absolutely delicious served on a bed of arugula drizzled with olive oil and just a touch of Parmesan – a lovely, simple meal that didn’t heat up the whole place.

*** BONUS: The girls ate them without fuss!!! Aria even declared that she LOVES arugula…Well, they didn’t eat Little Quinoa Patties, exactly…They ate Fairy Burgers. The curly bits are made from fairy dust, you see.

* There has been a lot of talk of fairies and dragons of late. What time do they come out?

Note: I received no compensation for my endorsement of Itsy Bitsy Yoga. The opinions voiced here are entirely my own.


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