Summer Bucket List


I first came across the idea for a Summer Bucket List here, clicked and found the origin here. Instantly intrigued by the idea I tried to think of what would be on ours. A whirlwind of adventures filled my mind and just as fast, reasons many of them wouldn’t work out. But then, what is a Bucket List if not a challenge to ourselves to find the time and the way to make the most important and most wanted moments, those ones we dream of at night or in a fleeting still moment during the day, happen? It also seems like a really great way to loosely organize the summer. So, I asked the fam what they’d most like to do this summer and added a few of my own and below is what I’ve come up with. I tried to be adventurous and creative yet realistic. For instance, I’d LOVE to go to the West Coast this summer but I’m not sure we can pull that off so I put down “Visit the Sea” instead. Being on the East Coast, that’s definitely doable (Delaware, Virginia…not the same as the West but a decent second) but also something out of the ordinary.

Though a bit late to do so, I’ve loved putting this list together and I’m very excited to see how it impacts our summer. I’ve been flailing when it comes to planning this summer’s activities, unsure of what to do and/or when to do it. This, I think, will help us accomplish lots of fun while keeping us (me especially) motivated and organized in a way that doesn’t dictate our schedule but is flexible enough to keep up a daily rhythm and still have lots of different experiences.

I’ve divided our list into several categories based on who the specific list item is for. I loved Mrs. Wonderful’s idea of organizing the items into big/small activities, color-coding them and letting the kid’s pick out an activity every day in the color they have time for that day, but as my girls are so young  (and their mama is not quite so on the ball this year), I’m leaving that for next year’s Bucket List. I hope to tackle one of the “For the Girls” items every day we don’t have something specific planned and the larger trips/activities on weekends or when Daddy is able to take some time off work.  I’ve posted some of the bigger excursions on our entryway blackboard to encourage ongoing planning and execution of these list items.


For the Family

  • Take a trip to the Sea
  • Take a roadtrip
  • Hike
  • Camp
  • Visit Cunningham Falls State Park
  • See a show at Wolf Trap’s Children’s Theatre in the Woods and explore the park
  • Ride the Train at Cabin John or Wheaton Regional Park
  • Take a vacation (even a staycation, just all off work and do fun things every day)
  • See an outdoor concert/movie
  • Make lots of smoothies
  • Cook more healthy, yummy foods (instead of eating out) from summer seasonal fruits and veggies
  • Take walks or go swimming as a family in the evenings before bedtime a couple times a week (when schedule allows)

For the Parents

  • Go on a date (adults only)
  • Reread the last Harry Potter book aloud (adults only)
  • See the final Harry Potter Movie (adults only)

For the Mama

  • Take some time to bicycle/swim on my own
  • Read for fun (not parenting books)
  • Sew a quilt
  • Take a sewing class
  • Yoga in the park
  • Knit a bit
  • Get started on handmade items for Ani’s birthday, the start of school and Christmas (to name a few)

For the Girls

  • Visit a water/splash park
  • Go on lots of walks (an Aria request)
  • Swim
  • Attend library or bookstore storytimes
  • Paint  (another Aria request)
  • Participate in and finish the Summer Reading Program through the library
  • Make sidewalk chalk drawings
  • Play hopscotch
  • Cook together
  • Blow lots of bubbles and try making our own (again)
  • Play in the water…inside

I’m thinking of new things to add to our Summer Bucket List all the time, so check back, this list may grow a bit.

This post has been in the works for a little while, so I’m happy to report that over this 4th of July weekend we were able to check off a couple of the items on our list and we had a blast! Best weekend in a really long time (more on those adventures later).

Tell me, what’s on your Summer Bucket List?


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