A Dress for Ani (aka What Not To Do w/Pinking Shears)

I sat putting the finishing touches on a cute little dress for Ani. The bulk of the dress sewn up, all I had left was to insert the elastic around the neck and arms, sew the access points and the hem and tidy the seam allowances. Feeling pleased with my progress, I decided to pink the seam allowances, as this material is prone to fraying and the pattern does not call for folding over the side and waist seams. Carefully cutting along a particularly thin seam allowance, I made sure to pull the seam away from the fabric…until I didn’t.


Suddenly realizing the last snip felt thicker than the rest, I turned over the fabric to find what I feared most, 4 tiny diamond-shaped holes right in the middle of the waistband – the very first piece sewn in. What was I going to do?!? Dismayed, I looked over the dress. I thought that I could remove the waistband fairly easily; it would involve removing the bow and ripping into both sides seams, but it looked doable. Thankfully, it worked. It was a little awkward fitting the waistband back into the dress and sewing around all the other bits, but it turned out well overall. The inside seams for the bow are not exactly beautiful, but you wouldn’t know unless you looked for it and the outside looks fine.


As usual, without my error and various life interruptions, this would have been pretty quick project. The friend that gifted me this pattern (Perfect Little Party Dress from Heidi & Finn) said she’s got this one nailed down and has made several dresses pretty quickly, which I totally believe. Aside from her talent in this area, the pattern is quite simple and user-friendly. Not to mention way cute. (I love that the bow can be worn in front or back.)

I used more of the same thrifted fabric I used for the little sunhat I made for my nephew a few weeks ago, only needing to buy one spool of thread and one package of elastic, so the amount spent on the dress was roughly $4.

Little A was not in the mood to pose this day, so I’ve had a hard time getting a good picture of her in the dress, but here are a few (fuzzy) action shots:





20110615-092641.jpgBig A, for once, was all too eager to pose. Too bad it wasn’t her dress this time.

Lesson learned: Check and double-check and check again – and again – before slicing into any near-complete piece. Duh. (I think my Sewing Goddess status took a step backward with this newby-error. Ah well, not likely to make it again…knock on wood.)


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