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A Little Boy’s Hat

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A year ago this Memorial Day weekend, a new little guy made his appearance, the first child of my husband’s brother and sister-in-law. To celebrate his first birthday, I made him a little something that every child needs during the hot, sunny weather: a hat.


I used the reversible bucket hat pattern in oliver + s’ little things to sew by Liesl Gibson. I asked for (and received) this book for my birthday after reading several recommendations for it and other oliver + s patterns. The lazy days skirt I made Aria awhile back is a free pattern by the same company and I loved it, so I felt confident this not inexpensive book would be full of sewing goodness. It does not disappoint. The patterns are a lovely and creative mix of childhood accessories – some wearables, some playthings – and the instructions are clear and thorough, even for my beginner level. I see lots more use of this book in my future…and lots more of these hats. I used Ani as a model for this, as she and her cousin are roughly the same size (even though he’s six months younger), and she looked so adorable in it, I’m planning to make her one next. Hopefully she’ll keep it on more than the others she’s tried…


This is the first time I’ve sewn any hat and the project did present it’s fair share of challenges, mostly in the form of curved seams (though figuring out clipping and fitting the curves together was interesting as well). Those curved seams were the bane of my existence for a bit and I ripped them out over and over again before getting them to look as good as I wanted them to (as with most of my projects thus far, don’t look too closely, especially if you’re an expert). I kept telling myself it was all practice, though, and I would get a little better each time and, thankfully, I was right. In the end, it turned out pretty well.

Overall, this was a fun little project. I upcycled thrifted fabric – I was so excited to find these matching boy-friendly stripes! – and other than that only bought the interfacing, so it was very inexpensive. It took a good amount of time but I’m guessing it all could be done in a few hours with less seam ripping.

The party was this morning and I’m happy to report the hat fit perfectly and looked adorable on top of that curly head of hair. The parents were pleased, too, so that’s about as good as it gets.

Lesson learned: Matching up and sewing curves is way trickier than doing the same with straight lines.


Author: moogielight

I'm a stay-at-home homebirthing, VBACing, breastfeeding mama, advocate and sometimes artist, sometimes web designer. We are located on the East Coast (but long for the West Coast) where we try to live simply, playing with natural toys, eating organic, vegetarian foods and using our imaginations and creativity as much as possible. I knit and I'm in the process of learning to sew so I can make (or at least attempt to make) many of the items we need and use and want to surround us.

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