A Cozy, Pretty Something

A while back I read this post on the Rainey Sisters’ blog about a gorgeous shawl Susan knitted for a friend diagnosed with cancer. Reading this post flipped a switch of sorts for me; I’ve knitted many a gift over the years but have typically gifted them at holidays and birthdays. The idea of giving a knitted item to a loved one going through a challenging time, offering a soft, cozy something as a tangible reminder that I support him or her through thick and thin, was a compelling one.

Recently a dear friend, distanced by both time and a literal ocean, had a challenge arise in her life. My words, conveyed through email and Facebook, seemed woefully inadequate and ineloquent and out of touch; I often wondered if I was doing any good at all. Then I thought of that shawl and the warmth it surely brought to Susan’s friend – a warmth not only felt without but within as well – and a few days later, I’d knitted this:

It’s a variation of the Purl Scarf from LMKG, though I wasn’t aware of it in the beginning. I planned on knitting another scarf but the lady from my local yarn store, fibre space (an AMAZING store full of similar loveliness to these yarns – I could literally spend hours there if I had the time), suggested a combination of three yarns like these, using the Blue Sky Brushed Suri as a starting point. Heavenly yarn that this is, I couldn’t resist. I decided on the 1×1 rib after trying a series of other patterns – the Big Lace Scarf from MLMKG (which I love), a 3×3 rib and a 2×2 rib, none of which did the yarn the justice it deserved. The 1×1 rib, though, seemed just the ticket. I looked through my copy of LMKG for last minute inspiration, making sure another pattern didn’t call out to me, and I saw the Purl Scarf pattern. At that moment I realized that was essentially the scarf I was making (though slightly shorter and with different yarn and slightly smaller needles). I’ve always wanted to make that scarf and I finally was (and it was a fabulous as I imagined), I just didn’t know it. (Ravelry notes here.)

Happily, my friend has received the scarf intact (anyone else have a mild panic attack when putting a handmade item in the post?) and I can now share it with you. I hope this says to her what my words fail to and that each time she wraps it around her she feels a little bit lighter, a little more supported and a little more loved.

I also hope that it stays cool enough for her to actually get to wear it a time or two before spring really kicks in as my timing is, admittedly, rather unfortunate for gifting a scarf. Ah well, it’s the thought, right?


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