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A Cozy, Pretty Something


A while back I read this post on the Rainey Sisters’ blog about a gorgeous shawl Susan knitted for a friend diagnosed with cancer. Reading this post flipped a switch of sorts for me; I’ve knitted many a gift over the years but have typically gifted them at holidays and birthdays. The idea of giving a knitted item to a loved one going through a challenging time, offering a soft, cozy something as a tangible reminder that I support him or her through thick and thin, was a compelling one.

Recently a dear friend, distanced by both time and a literal ocean, had a challenge arise in her life. My words, conveyed through email and Facebook, seemed woefully inadequate and ineloquent and out of touch; I often wondered if I was doing any good at all. Then I thought of that shawl and the warmth it surely brought to Susan’s friend – a warmth not only felt without but within as well – and a few days later, I’d knitted this:

It’s a variation of the Purl Scarf from LMKG, though I wasn’t aware of it in the beginning. I planned on knitting another scarf but the lady from my local yarn store, fibre space (an AMAZING store full of similar loveliness to these yarns – I could literally spend hours there if I had the time), suggested a combination of three yarns like these, using the Blue Sky Brushed Suri as a starting point. Heavenly yarn that this is, I couldn’t resist. I decided on the 1×1 rib after trying a series of other patterns – the Big Lace Scarf from MLMKG (which I love), a 3×3 rib and a 2×2 rib, none of which did the yarn the justice it deserved. The 1×1 rib, though, seemed just the ticket. I looked through my copy of LMKG for last minute inspiration, making sure another pattern didn’t call out to me, and I saw the Purl Scarf pattern. At that moment I realized that was essentially the scarf I was making (though slightly shorter and with different yarn and slightly smaller needles). I’ve always wanted to make that scarf and I finally was (and it was a fabulous as I imagined), I just didn’t know it. (Ravelry notes here.)

Happily, my friend has received the scarf intact (anyone else have a mild panic attack when putting a handmade item in the post?) and I can now share it with you. I hope this says to her what my words fail to and that each time she wraps it around her she feels a little bit lighter, a little more supported and a little more loved.

I also hope that it stays cool enough for her to actually get to wear it a time or two before spring really kicks in as my timing is, admittedly, rather unfortunate for gifting a scarf. Ah well, it’s the thought, right?


Author: moogielight

I'm a stay-at-home homebirthing, VBACing, breastfeeding mama, advocate and sometimes artist, sometimes web designer. We are located on the East Coast (but long for the West Coast) where we try to live simply, playing with natural toys, eating organic, vegetarian foods and using our imaginations and creativity as much as possible. I knit and I'm in the process of learning to sew so I can make (or at least attempt to make) many of the items we need and use and want to surround us.

2 thoughts on “A Cozy, Pretty Something

  1. It’s gorgeous!!! I love the yarn!

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