Finished Objects: Coffee Cozies

I’ve wanted to make these simple coffee cozies since first seeing them in Joelle Hoverson’s More Last Minute Knitted Gifts. They fly by – Hoverson says they take about an hour (I’d say that’s about right if you piece together all the small increments of knitting time I got in between wrangling little ones) – and are easily customizable with various yarns.

I’ve had these done for a few days, but couldn’t post until they arrived at my coffee-loving sister’s place, part of her 30th birthday present. Happy Birthday, Kiki!

Ravelry notes here.


5 thoughts on “Finished Objects: Coffee Cozies

  1. Feels like forever, but probably only a few months. It’s just that I was first pregnant almost 10 years ago and while I don’t regret a moment of giving myself to our children – I’m starting to hanker for a little more continuity in my day!

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