Handmade Valentine Sun Catchers

One of the things I really enjoy about Aria being in school this year is seeing how holidays are celebrated in the classroom. I have my own memories of holiday parties and passing out store-bought Valentines. Those days were always the most exciting of the school year. This year, Valentine’s Day falls on one of the three days Aria is in school each week and the class is celebrating with a Valentine exchange. Being a Waldorf school, handmade items are looked upon highly and so, inspired by maya*made, I set out to design a handmade Valentine Aria could make for her classmates. I hoped to find a heart punch like Maya’s so Aria could cut out her own heart shapes (at 3 she’s still getting the hang of scissors), but being so close to the big day, they were sold out (yes, I’m a procrastinator). With a little help from my mom, I came up with an alternate design and cut out heart shapes using vellum for the large piece and red card stock for the small piece. Aria colored the vellum heart with crayons then glued the small red heart (with a mama-inscribed Valentine message) onto the vellum. We then used a hole punch to make a hole in the center and she threaded a piece of red wool yarn through. I tied a knot and tada! a Valentine sun-catcher. Hanging in a window, the sun streams through the vellum, causing the crayon design to glow. Very pretty indeed and lots of hands-on fun for the little ones (our 15-month-old even helped with the coloring a bit!).

Note: We did these in chunks as 12 Valentines are a lot for one 3yo to make in one sitting.


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