My Letter to Ellen DeGeneres

A few weeks ago, during an interview with new father Vince Vaughn, Ellen DeGeneres made a comment about homebirth on her show, saying she didn’t understand why women want to give birth at home. I normally LOVE her show, but this disappointed me.  I’ve been planning to write her for a while now and had hoped to send a lot of research and statistics and links. I haven’t had time to put that together, though, so finally sat down and sent her my story instead, or at least the short version of it. Characters are limited on her website’s email form, so the length is based on that (God knows I could have gone on…and on…). If you feel the way I do, please consider emailing her (but please keep it nice). For more on my births, click here and here or select “birth” in the Category dropdown to your right.

Hi Ellen –

I love your show & most everything on it; I try to time my little ones’ naps to coincide with it. I really enjoy it. Your statement on homebirth a couple weeks ago, however, was disappointing. Study after study show that for low-risk women, homebirth is just as safe as hospital birth. For me, it was safer.

My first was born in the hospital; based on the advice of my care provider I was induced b/c they suspected the baby to be “too big.” I had problems during the induction and ended up with a c-section. She was 6lbs, 15oz. I didn’t get to hold her for 2hrs. I was told then I would never be able to have a natural birth; my recovery was rough, to say the least.

My second was born 2 1/2 years later at home, under the care of two experienced & knowledgeable midwives & an amazing doula. The labor was long but I & the baby were closely monitored; after over 20 hrs of labor my second little girl was born very healthy and without complication, a full 1 1/2lbs bigger than her sister. I held her immediately. Afterward, I felt amazing; recovery still took awhile, but the difference was incredible.

I’d hoped to email you with lots of links of studies & research & the like, research I did when deciding whether to give birth at home. Life with little ones takes over, however, and I haven’t yet had a chance to do that. So, here is my story. Please look into homebirth a bit; it’s really a very good thing for all involved.

Kind regards,

Megan Nelson


One thought on “My Letter to Ellen DeGeneres

  1. Awesome response! So often people have a knee-jerk reaction to homebirth because it’s rare. It’s so important for those of us who choose it to emphasize the conditions that make it safe, and give a perspective of why it’s important to women, too. I hope you hear back from her!

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