Halloween 2010: Part 3: Old Town Alexandria

Grandpa John is a HUGE Halloween fan so very much wanted to share the day with the girls. On Halloween night we headed to his and Carolyn’s place to show the girls his decorations, enjoy a few pre-trick-or-treating snacks and get ready for the big night.

 Getting ready.

The girls.
So, this was almost an awesome shot,
all four of us, decked out for Halloween and everyone happy and paying attention (I was a witch, Keith was Mad-Eye Moody), but I don’t think the very nice old man who offered to take our picture knew how to use the camera and unfortunately we didn’t discover how bad it was until much later…

Trick-or-treating with Grandpa John.
People kept stopping him and Keith saying how much they loved Aria’s costume (yay!).

Grandpa John was very excited about this balloon…hehehe.

This couple was sooo excited when they spotted Aria in the huge crowds of trick-or-treaters and party-goers. They had to have a picture (and so did we)!
This was at the end of the night and Aria was a bit tired and feeling more than a bit shy, so wasn’t very smiley; afterward, though, she loved talking about this meeting.
 Note: The Fish in the Pot side of the treat bag I made is just visible here. I didn’t anticipate the number of treats she’d get, though and one of the straps broke towards the end of the night. Next time I must reinforce those seams!

 Aria got the hang of trick-or-treating very quickly and
was soon begging to go to that house and that house and that house…
This was to be the very last house, but…

 …they were all out of candy.

Thank goodness for this sweet couple.
Aria got one last treat and ended on a (sugar) high.

 Ani staying bundled and getting sleepy.

 Tired girls.

Time to head home.

The End.

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