Snowpocalypse 2010

Snowpocalypse. That’s what they’re calling it. You know it’s bad when the description of the storm is a derivation of the word “apocalypse.” Comes with websites like these: There’s already about 20 inches on the ground and it’s still going, not predicted to stop until late tonight.

This is the second blizzard in as many months and we’re not done yet. More snow is forecast for Tuesday. I am not a happy camper; I don’t deal well with cold. DC is supposed to have mild winters and in the five or so years we’ve lived here the winters have been surprisingly tolerable – 40 degree days are not uncommon and snow typically comes in 1-3 inch accumulations and melts within a couple days. That’s the DC I signed up for, not this. Especially not with two little ones, cooped up inside for days on end. With snow up to Aria’s chest it’s not like I can take her out during the week with Ani too. Ani would freeze, Aria would get lost and the stroller is just useless. Worst of all, the nearest coffee shop closed early yesterday, is closed today and may be closed tomorrow. All other walkable shops closed as well. Grrr.

Ok, I’ve said my piece. For now.

All grumbling aside, the snow is very pretty. Keith took Aria out a little bit ago and they had a blast. I went out and snapped some quick pics while Ani slept. Dressed only in pjs, a fleece jacket and a vest, I wasn’t planning on staying out long, or becoming the focus of a snowball fight; Keith and Aria had other plans.



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