To Mother Nature, With Love

Dear Mother Nature,

This evening marks the beginning of one of the biggest snow storms this region has seen in several years, a snowstorm for “the record books” says one of the local weathermen. A gift of a white Christmas comes around only so often so I thank you for making the dreams of many come true this year. My daughter will undoubtedly enjoy the countless snowballs and snow angels she will make this weekend.

That said, I find the level of your generosity – a proposed 12-24 inches of snowfall – to be a bit alarming. While the landscape will no doubt be breathtakingly beautiful, the sheer volume of this could bring the city to a halt for days. Any other year this could be a good thing. Recently, though, we welcomed a new little lady to the family and have spent the last several weeks doting on her and her sister. As a result, I have gotten very behind on my Christmas shopping and a storm of this magnitude will seriously hamper any further progress and delay delivery of those gifts I have been able to squeeze in. In addition, my oldest daughter would very much like to visit Santa Claus this last weekend before the big day.

Aside from Christmas shopping, and even more importantly, I know of at least one friend who is very likely to be in labor this weekend and will need clear roads, warmth and electricity to deliver safely and healthily.

So, Madame Nature, I humbly request that you give a slightly smaller gift to this city so unused to large snowfalls and instead bestow the soft powder to those who need it most – the ski resorts. Thank you.

With warmest regards,



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