You Know You’re Very Pregnant When…

Facebook friends will have read many of these already, but for those less technologically inclined, I thought I’d post here as well.

You know you’re very pregnant when…

…your husband has to help you get your socks and shoes on b/c you can’t reach your feet (bring back flip flop weather!).

…the maternity clothes start to get too small in the belly.

…the lady that makes your coffee and that you see at least a couple times a week and has your drink memorized says upon seeing you for the first time this week, “Wow, that baby is getting big.”

…people at the local street festival stop in their tracks to say “You look like you were ready to pop yesterday!” and then you have to explain that you in fact have a few more weeks to go.

…people stop making eye contact, instead approaching you with eyes firmly affixed on your massive belly and the greeting, “Hi. Has your baby dropped yet?”

…you lose your pen, look everywhere around you knowing you just had it, then stand up and see it fall out from under your big baby belly. Beware: This same thing can happen with cell phones, small toys and towards the end, the occasional book.


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