Second Time Around, Together

Aria and I went to a birthday party today. Our little friend, Grayden, just turned two and to celebrate all the moms and toddlers and some of the dads from our circle met at the park for a big playdate and snacks. It was sooo nice to be back on the Hill, with lovely playgrounds and friendly, familiar faces in wonderful abundance.

It’s such a good feeling to be able to get together with other people that are in the same stage in life…and we very much are. As we sat at the table feeding our toddlers (all within a couple months of turning two) grapes and chatting I began looking around and noticing that of the seven mothers there, five are currently pregnant with their second babies and one had a baby less than two weeks ago. And that was just those that could come to this event; there are more in our circle that are expecting. We’ll all have our babies in much the same spread as last time, too, within 4 or 5 months of each other.

Unfortunately, they won’t all grow up together; some have already moved from the Hill – ourselves included – and others are talking about it. DC is a transient place and no one seems to stay for long. But these kids are forever linked by the times they spent together as babies and toddlers and the moms will long remember the commeraderie enjoyed during playgroups and nursing classes and chance playground meetings. And hopefully in the process, a few friendships have been forged that will withstand the distance.


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