Change We Can Believe In

I am so happy to be raising my daughter in a country that has finally moved past the issue of race in a presidential election. For the first time in my adult life, I can honestly say I’m excited about the direction this country is headed.

Aria’s shirt was a gift from her Granddad.
He’s been a fervent Obama supporter throughout the Campaign
and accurately predicted VA’s conversion to a Blue State.

Aria’s Election Day outfit: Isn’t it cute!

Tired, but still hopeful after a full day of voting and other outings;
results were just starting to come in.


2 thoughts on “Change We Can Believe In

  1. YES WE CAN!!!I’m proud, too, to be a part of this country during an historical movement, both in recognizing national issues over being stuck in antiquated opinion ruts and being enthusiastic about the possibilities for the future.I love the pictures of the both of you in Obama shirts – you look so cute and happy! Dad picked the perfect size for that shirt. :)I hadn’t seen Aria’s Halloween pics yet, either – thanks for forwarding the link! She looks like the exact mix of you and Keith!!! I miss all of you. 😛 Your mask is BEAUTIFUL – where did you get it?Love you all! XOXO

  2. We hadn’t seen all of the blog recently guess we need to keep checking in now and then Our adorable little Aria even makes an Obama T-shirt look good………But he is our President elect now! Love to all of you gma deb, karen and grandpa paul

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