Happy New Year!

I’ve been knitting so much lately. Christmas gifts galore. I mean, really, I’m a knitting machine! Ok, so all the gifts were late. And there are a couple items I wanted to get done that I didn’t…In reality, I think I tried to do a bit too much considering I have a 7 month old baby. Somehow I thought I could do more knitting than last year (pre-baby). Silly. But the items I did finish turned out really well – a grey tweed scarf for my father-in-law, Roller Girl Legwarmers for my sis (she’s been wanting those for a couple years now) and mittens for 3 of Aria’s best friends. Oh, and I finally finished the Chevron scarf. It was on the needles for over a year, an eventful year no doubt, but still…that’s just sad.

Of course, I forgot to take pics of any but the scarf and the mittens. And I haven’t uploaded those to my computer yet…

The mittens are exciting for me b/c it’s the first pattern that I created myself. A simple one, to be sure, but a girl’s gotta start somewhere. I’ve altered patterns here and there – the Father-in-Law Scarf (a 5×5 dark grey rib with 3 black stripes on each end; total length of about 75ish inches) was an altered version of one I made my husband a couple years ago but these I came up with all on my own. I did do some research, looking for a pattern I liked, but I could never find exactly what I wanted. And so the Eastern Market Mittens were conceived. I’ll post the pattern soon.


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